Documentation : Profile Return

Here you can edit all the important information about the user or yourself. This of course depends on what your permissions are.

Data field name Description Examples
Username It is up to you to put in here what you want. This is what the user must enter each time they log in. It can be simple like a first name or an alias or nickname or if you want to make it formal put the email here. john, joe, henry, iceman,
Display name Again, it is up to you what you want to put here. I prefer the users first name and last name. This will show up everywhere the user is refered to in the program. John Doe
Email The valid email for the user. It is possible to put here a fake email in the case that your user will probably never log into the system and you don't need to have any communications with them.
Mobilephone number This is used by the SMS messaging system to send SMS to this user.
Password A standard password input. you will be challenged to put in a reasonably difficult password.
Status Hopefully always active. There is the possibility for inactive or deleted. If a user is inactive or deleted they can no long log in.
Role The definition of the role you can find in the concepts documentation. It is to large to put here. Concepts
Hide user icons If you check this then the user will no longer see all the images of other users or themselves. This is here because it is very personal whether you think the images add to the program or detract from it.
Language The language you wish to view in all the menus and screens
Photo of yourself Here you may add a photo of yourself. Please put in a square photo because it will look the best.