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The following is the list of roles and their meaning. This is a heirarchical list where each time you go up a level you inherit all the permissions of the lower levels. This list is shown from the lowest to the highest level

Role name Permissions
Member Unaccepted This is a person who has verified his email but not yet been given any permissions at all. This role has no permissions
  • See and edit their own profile.
  • See own task list and reject/accept tasks.
  • See the events.
  • See teams and team task lists that they are associated with.
  • Share files at all levels.
Event Editor May edit tasks and add tasks to an event.
Team Manager
  • May see all teams.
  • May add/remove members to teams.
  • May reject/accept task assignments to teams.
Event Manager
  • May create and fully edit events
  • May send notifications about an event.
  • May delete notifications.
Church Admin
  • May see all other users profiles and task lists.
  • May create and fully edit users.
  • May create/edit teams and team types.
  • May create/edit task templates.
  • May create/edit message templates.
  • May create/edit message types.
  • May create/edit languages.
the Creator May create new churches